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Founded in 2012 on acquiring the exclusive global licence of Asia’s #1 MyET (Indian versions), myETmyHT facilitates auto-personalised one-on-one tools and aids providing instant scores and feedback on how to improve the specifics in your own comfort zone and at your own pace – that too with your own choice of tutor and their content.

Jyoti Prakash Singh, the Founder, has over two decades of illustrious exposure in facilitating to learn and speak English better with leading school-chains, vocational training institutions and publishing houses along with corporate and government bodies during this endeavour. myETmyHT empowers with minimal dependency on usual human limitations, fatigue and errors. We believe in long term win-win partnerships, and our products work best in blended-learning model.

Educational institutions are welcome to integrate their most effective language teaching pedagogy with myETmyHT’s cutting-edge patented technology ASAS©

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