This patented technology integrates well with the blended-learning requirements based on world-famous Dr. Pimsleur’s learning methodology:

  • 1-on-1 speaking and listening practice is the most effective way to learn a new language. Most language learning systems failed to realize that writing only exists to represent the words we speak.
  • The students should start thinking in English – the language they are learning, not translating it back to their mother tongue.

Graduated Interval Recall (GIR) – The idea is to stimulate the brain at different time intervals to truly internalize the learning. There will be 4 practice drills. The learners will practice 3 drills sequentially and be presented with the 4th drill after a time interval.

Automatic Speech Analysis System – patented – pinpoints the exact problems – provides instant scores and auto-personalized detailed feedback on how to improve the specifics.

Internet games-like self-competition creating drills using ASAS© programs the subconscious mind unknowingly to speak the most frequent words, unit ideas and expressions fluidly

Immersion Technique: Learn at your own pace in your own comfort zone along with the choice of your own tutor and their content including the accent.

Trainers make the most of blended-learning and assign “listening & speaking” homework – scores are auto-logged at the alma mater.

Trains the “Organs of Speech” subconsciously using frequent expressions and sentence-structures

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